The Weight Loss Effects Of Slimcrystal Water On A Group Of 212 Overweight Adults

A scientific study was created in the end of 2020 to test if the SLIMCRYSTAL water can help in weight loss.

The head researcher was Michael Bishop and he was helped by a group of 8 scientists from major universities in US.

Michael created a group made of 212 overweight men and women over the age of 40 and half of the group was told to drink 3 liters of regular water each day, while the other half was drinking only SLIMCRYSTAL infused water.

After the first month the results were really promising, as on average the people who were drinking only SLIMCRYSTAL infused water have lost 5 to 7 pounds, while the average weight loss for the other group was only 0.7 pounds.

But after 6 months, the results showed that without a doubt drinking water from the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles drastically help in weight loss!

The majority of the people who were drinking SLIMCRYSTAL infused water for 6 months have lost 27 to 34 pounds, and many inches off their waistline, hips, thighs and arms.

Everyone in the SLIMCRYSTAL test group had healthier blood sugar levels, have reduced their BMIs, showed signs of youthfulness, and everyone was feeling more energized and much happier.

In the meantime, the average weight loss for the regular water group, was only 4 pounds!

This was enough proof that people from around the world can support their health and their body’s natural balance, and start losing weight effortlessly, just by drinking slimming water from the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles.