How To Make Your Brain Help You Lose Weight & Achieve The Body You Want

Learn How To Use Affirmations To Lose Weight Faster & Easier

aline-smallArticle by Aline P., Weight Loss & Fitness Expert

The secret weight loss trick I will reveal below will make a huge difference in your life… especially if you will start implementing ittoday ?

You see, after having helped thousands of women lose weight, I realized that the number one reason why most women are still overweight, even after having tried thousands of weight loss programs, is the fact that they doubt they will get results

food-frustrated-womanIt is true… each time they start a new diet or start exercising, they doubt it… They are almost sure it won’t work, but they try it anyway….

And guess what? It’s absolutely normal that IT DOESN’T WORK!

Has this happen to you? Do you have these same negative thoughts?

But what if there was a way to eliminate doubt and have so much confidence inside of you that your body starts changing from one day to another, so easily that you can’t believe it?

Well there is a way! It’s something that I call affirmations that change your thought pattern!

How can affirmations help you lose weight faster & easier ?

woman-does-weight-loss-afformations-for-confidenceWeight loss affirmations are so powerful that they can increase your metabolism and the rate you lose weight… and all it takes is to say them for 3 minutes every morning!

Here’s one that works without a doubt! And it has worked amazingly for all my clients ?

“I have always been 130 pounds”… (your ideal weight – maybe it’s 150 pounds or 112 pounds – you know this ).

If you say this enough times, you will start believing it, (I mean your brain will starts believing it), and your body will simply follow this new mental program which is now absolute truth for your brain…  and you’ll get to that weight sooner than you think!

Here’s how to do powerful weight loss affirmations!

Slowly walk in your living room and at the same time, focus at a point from the other part of the room… And while walking and focusing to that point you say this:

“I have always been 130 pounds”…  or “I have always been healthy, sexy and beautiful ” (this is also a very powerful affirmation).

woman-does-weight-loss-afformationsAnd do it slowly, and while saying the words and walking, and with your eyes open, visualize how the words you are saying are revealing in front of your eyes.

You say this at least 3 times and then you say this other phrase at least 3 more times: “I have always been radiantly healthy”.

And try to be very focused. Say it with passion, as truly, for as long as you remember, you have always been healthy and skinny ?

If you get distracted, do it again. The goal is to make this affirmation becomeabsolute truth for you ?

Because you will do this each morning, before your workout, while walking slowly, your brain gets a new PROGRAMMING, which will help you eliminate doubt, and fill yourself with confidence that this time you will lose weight easier and you’ll keep it off for life.

How long should you practice these weight loss affirmations?

Well, they only take about 3 minutes a day, and I recommend you do them daily, for the rest of your life, because you become what you think!

You will become a woman who is 130 pounds if that’s what you want! As one of my mentors used to say “Overcome, overcome, overcome until you become :-)”

So, please do it and do share with your thoughts on this on Facebook ? I really think it can change your life if you implement it ?

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