6 Delicious Foods To Eat For GORGEOUS Hair

Us women want our figures to look as attractive as possible. We look for healthy diets and workouts to stay in shape, we take care of our skin to always keep it healthy and soft, and we want our hair to be shiny and silky. If you are looking to improve the quality of your hair after having more bad hair days than you can count, maybe it’s time to consider looking not at what new conditioner to use, but what food you eat on a daily basis. This might come as a surprise, but what we eat has a big impact not only on our weight, but also on the quality of our hair.

So if you’re ready to finally strengthen your hair, making it healthier and better looking, perhaps you should try the foods on this list. Not only will they improve hair quality, your body will get a natural healthy diet that will boost metabolism and even help you lose weight if that is something you are interested in. So you can actually achieve two important goals with one diet! Woohoo!


These delicious fruits need no introduction. They taste great, don’t need any preparation to be ingested and are high in antioxidants. These will act to improve the health of your follicles, giving you stronger healthier hair that will surely make some heads turn.


You can have roasted asparagus as a snack, or as it is more commonly used, a delicious vegetable side dish to a healthy main course. Combine it with white meat for a nutritious meal that will provide you with protein and natural minerals that help with your hair’s shine. It will also make your nails stronger and your skin softer. Talk about a win-win!

Lemons, Oranges, Lime

All citrus fruits are great options to improve hair quality. First of all, they are rich in vitamin C which is highly beneficial to your entire body. They also contain collagen and will act as a top substitution for snacks and sweets.


Eggs are important because not only do they help with shine, they also greatly aid with hair growth and strength because eggs contain Vitamin D and iron. Hard boiled eggs are the best way to have them when aiming to improve the quality of your hair.


This superfruit contains omega oils that enable swift hair growth giving it that ‘alive’ look. Avocados can also be used in various recipes for weight loss, so make sure to combine the two and achieve both a gorgeous body, and perfect hair at the same time.


Finally, we recommend you include walnuts in your diet when looking to grow better, stronger, prettier hair. It will enable your hair to be more resistant, better survive sun exposure, and also provide your body with the very important Vitamin E and omega oils.

So make sure you include these foods into your diet to enable you to lose weight AND develop gorgeous shiny hair that will make people notice!

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