Fat Ass With Cellulite On Sunday ?

Hi and happy Sunday 🙂 This article is about how to make Sunday the BEST WEIGHT LOSS DAY OF THE WEEK! 
I have just received this email from one of my subscribers …
“Dear Aline, I love all your messages 🙂 I read them every morning and they give me so much confidence that everything will be ok with me and my weight 🙂
My biggest problem is my fat ass …. with cellulite …
I heard my boyfriend telling his father that I have a big fat ass and too much cellulite … I don’t know what to do … I don’t want to lose him…
It is true that I gained some weight and my ass is big and with cellulite..  but I would do anything … What should I do ? Please HELP!!! “
My first reaction was:
1. You won’t lose your boyfriend if he really loves and he likes who you really are… Men fall in love with who we are and how we make them fell when they are with us, not only for our bodies 🙂
But we have to look great, not only for them, so they can brag of how sexy we are … but also for us:-) We should feel great in our own bodies :- )
2. If you have a fat ass, a change in your lifestyle is what you need, not magic!!
Exercising on a daily basis, eating a healthy diet is key for long term success …
And yesterday I told you about an easy way to lose weight and keep it off, without having to starve or exercise for hours each day 🙂
I told you how my friend Lisa managed to lose 3 dress sizes in a week, with this easy to follow plan 🙂
Did you check it out ?
If you didn’t, you should 🙂
It is Sunday and it is the perfect time to go check out her story and get the same plan she has followed to lose 81 pounds of fat.
If you read her story today, you can start tomorrow – Monday, and by the end of next week, you too, can drop 3 dress sizes and 11 pounds, like Lisa did when she started!