Phase 2 Of THIS PLAN Rocks … 3 pounds a day

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Women who are overweight are up to 12 times more likely to develop diabetes.

Think about that.

If you don’t face up to your excess body fat, you’re walking around with a time bomb ticking in your body, just waiting to explode and ruin your life.

And diabetes isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Excess body fat can cause:

●       Aching joints, back pain, headaches, and more. Getting up in the morning is a painful experience, and the pain can last all day.

●       Chronic fatigue and exhaustion that makes it difficult to enjoy life. Worse yet, many people have trouble falling asleep as well.

●       Severe illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, depression, and even brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

And after working with thousands of clients, I know how hard it is to break the cycle.

And my good friend and partner Brian, who has recently become the #1 weight loss expert in the world, knows it too…

First, because a long time ago he was 100 pounds overweight, had diabetes symptoms ….

In fact, here’s his story below and how he became the #1 selling weight loss author OF 2017, by helping over 100.000 women worldwide lose weight …

Here are some of his clients

“I tried the 2 Week Diet & Exercise Plan for the entire two week period, and lost an amazing 15 kilos. I couldn’t be happier!

You’ve changed my life Brian! I feel happier and healthier than I’ve ever felt before!” – Chloe K

“The first thing that blew me away was the fact that this book is so thoroughly researched, well written and easy to follow….I learned so much about weight loss that I had no idea about before.

The program was easy to follow, loved the short workouts and I lost a massive 22 pounds! I’ve never been more happy or confident with how I look!” – Sheila J.

“I’m 45 and I’ve tried several weight loss programs for the past 15 years which have never had any impact on me – just a yoyo effect.

I decided I would try one diet & exercise plan for the last time, and that was The 2 Week Diet & Exercise System. I’m so happy I’ve made that decision. I’ve lost 18 lbs in 2 weeks and I continued to follow the advice of Brian, the food, the exercises and I feel better and better as my waist measurements continue to shrink!

Thank you a thousand times!” – Pam


“I was overweight for a long time.

Heck, let’s just face it: I was obese. I was almost 100 pounds overweight …

People gave me looks in the grocery store like I was some evil person. Even when I was picking up healthy food items, they stared me down.

People thought I had given up.

But really, I was trying everything I could think of to lose weight! For some people, it’s just a lot tougher than people realize.

I tried hundreds of diets, and some of them worked… but the fat just came back after a few weeks. Even when I ate all-natural foods, I couldn’t shed the pounds.

I was exercising like you wouldn’t believe, sometimes for two hours a day. (As it turns out, exercising too much was one of my biggest problems!)

I felt terrible. I was in pain all the time. Getting out of bed took special effort.

But I was determined to find the solution I needed.

Finally, I did.

The Real Solution to Long-Term Fat Loss Is Natural… and Easy.

Your body does two things really well:

1.     Create body fat.

2.     Burn body fat.

If you’re like me and like thousands of women I’ve helped, it seems like Step #1 is a lot easier.

But it turns out that your body is designed to burn fat… under the right conditions.

The only problem is that most of us spend 20 hours a day creating fat!

Think about that for a minute…20 hours a day creating fat.

Only 4 hours burning fat.

You don’t have to be good at math to know that’s a bad ratio.

In nature, we’re supposed to spend a lot more time burning fat, but the modern world has made that much more difficult for our bodies.

Once I figured that out and managed to lose my first 20 pounds of fat, I decided to create a system that will put my body into fat-burning mode more often, and here’s what happened:

●       First, I flushed out my body and cleansed it to make way for the healthy nutrition that was going to take over.

●       Then, I shifted my body into fat-burning mode for 3 times as many hours as before. I went from 4 hours of fat-burning to 12 hours, and it completely obliterated the fat.

●       Finally, I wrote down all my strategies and shared it with my friends and family… and they burned 8-16 pounds in just 2 weeks.

Now, I’m no longer at risk of diabetes, and I’ve never looked better! I have lost over 100 pounds even though I was 45 …

2 Weeks. 3 Phases. Up to 16 Pounds.

Some people I know have lost 16 pounds in just 2 weeks using this system I created.

And seriously… it’s the easiest program I’ve ever seen.

I’ve tried tons of diets myself, and this is by fat the easiest diet ever… in fact, it’s the most fun… (Who wouldn’t be excited about losing one pound a day?)

The program is broken down into three phases, but it’s Phase 2 that really blows people’s minds. Some people lose up to 3 pounds in one day.

Use this page right now to DOWNLOAD my entire system so you can burn 16 pounds of fat in just 2 weeks, like thousands of women already did.

Really. No, really. That’s happening.

Now, of course you can’t sustain 3 pounds a day for too long. It just wouldn’t be healthy.

But experiencing that difference is life-giving, pure and simple!

And if you like coffee, this program just got even easier.

Losing Weight Is Everything. It’s Freedom.

For me, losing weight meant more than looking good at the family barbecue.

It was my life.

It was my freedom.

I could finally run around with the kids and play sports with them.

I could run on the beach without a trace of self-consciousness. I could sprint through the airport and know that I was going to catch my flight. My life was taking off.

I didn’t wake up feeling sluggish and exhausted before the day even began.

I wasn’t walking around with pain in my back and legs all the time.

In every way you could imagine, I was finally free.

So I decided to share these strategies with every person I possibly could. And last year, over 100.000 women worldwide have managed to lose up to 137 pounds of fat on my plan, which makes me really proud!. 


​​​​​Use this page right now to DOWNLOAD my entire system so you can burn 16 pounds of fat in just 2 weeks, like thousands of women already did.

Enjoy your results 🙂

Your friend,
Aline Pilani