The Only 5 Exercises You’ll Ever Need To Get Lean

To get into shape, we can literally find hundreds and perhaps thousands of different types of exercises we can perform. Some are easy, some are extremely complicated, and it might be tough for some of us to really decide which would be the most effective in losing weight and building a little muscle. It has been scientifically proven that working out regularly and doing some strength training will vastly enhance your metabolism and will help you fight off certain diseases (diabetes, cancer, heart issues).

So if you are confused about where to start, what exercises work best, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 you’ll ever need. That’s not to say you can’t try different exercises from time to time, but if you just want a shortlist of 5 exercises that work like a charm, and that you can start performing today, then this list is definitely for you.

Exercise 1: GOBLET SQUAT

This is a move that will stimulate your hamstrings, quads and also your core. It will enable you to develop better ankle and hip mobility, as well as developing your functional mechanics. The way to correctly perform a goblet squat is to stand with your legs 1 foot apart from each other, with your toes pointing away from one another. Then, while holding a dumbbell at your chest, lower yourself all the way down while keeping your back steady. Take a breath in when at the bottom and then slowly return to standing position. You can start off with a lighter dumbbell in the beginning, and start adding more weight as you continue performing the exercise regularly.


It is recommended for women to do more pulling exercises than pushing workouts, since our upper bodies are weaker than men’s. Your lats muscles which run from your upper arms to your spine and pelvis are directly targeted with this exercise, and they are key in developing a well rounded figure. To perform it, you need a resistance band that is tied to something solid and immovable (if you want to do this at home and not at the gym). Once you have that set up, kneel down with your body facing the band, keep your back straight and start pulling down on the band. Form is very important here, you need to keep the appropriate body posture when performing all of these exercises to do them effectively.


Next up on the list of upper body strength is the chest workout. The chest fly and the press are usually the most popular chest exercises recommended for women, and for a good reason: they work well at raising upper body strength without being as demanding as the classic push-up. This workout will allow you to gain a little more upper body muscle, improve function in your shoulders and strengthen arm mechanics, giving a very attractive tonality to your chest, shoulders and arms. To properly perform the chest flys it is recommended you lay on the floor with your knees bent, and feet flat down. While holding the dumbbells in each hand, start with both your arms raised straight upwards until they are parallel to one another, and then slowly move them to the side, opening your arms (similar to how you would open your arms to give someone a hug). Then bring them back to the starting position and so on. The key to make this one work is to do your best in keeping your elbows anchored and not moving at all during this exercise. The movement comes from your upper body and not at all from the elbows.

Exercise 4: THE DEADLIFT

This is perhaps the toughest exercise on this list, but know that you will greatly benefit from it. This is a much needed lower body exercise that will generate more support to your pelvis, improve mechanics, and work both your pulling muscles and your posterior ones. It will work your hamstrings and your buttocks. To do this one, begin in a standing position with your feet well set and slightly apart. Use a barbell (or 2 dumbbells if you want) and bend at the waist level using just your legs. Then get back up, rinse and repeat. You’ll feel your hamstrings and buttocks being put to work, and that’s great!


The final exercise on our essentials list. This will help you get rid of those nagging neck and shoulder pains you get from sitting at your desk all day, or from sleeping in a bad position. It will also help with improving shoulder functions by targeting the deltoid muscles. You’ll also develop a better more correct standing position by doing this exercise on a regular basis. To do it, stand up straight, in the same position as you would do for the deadlift. Hold either a barbell with both hands or 2 dumbbells one in each hand at chest level, and with your palms facing away from your body, raise them all the way up over your head. Then lower them again to the chest position and repeat. Make sure you keep your back straight, no arching should be happening.

There you have it! These 5 exercises together work all your muscles and will help you develop an overall better figure, more mobility and body strength. You’ll look better, feel better and have more self confidence when you perform these exercises on a regular basis!

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