Secret Swedish Diet Acts Quickly To Help You Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight quickly, we would all like to have a magic formula that enables us to shed the extra pounds quickly and with as little effort as possible. We know very well that to lose weight we need to eat healthier foods and exercise more often, but with so much information available and so little extra time, many of us never get around to do it.

Lately people have been in awe of a secret Swedish diet that is easy to follow, it even allows for some delicious cheat day treats and still helps people all around the world to lose weight faster. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this secret Swedish diet.

Several nutritionists and weight loss experts from Sweden have put together a diet and a routine to follow that promises to help anyone lose extra weight fast. The results have been staggering!

This diet is based on a good balance of eating some carbs, some fat and a lot of protein, to give your body the necessary amounts of each to be at its healthiest, and as long as you stick to the plan, you’ll look better even if you eat as much as you want (of what is mentioned on the list).

Here’s what food is recommended for you with this secret diet:

Meat – all the popular meats work including chicken, turkey, beef and even lamb and pork, however you should only cook them in the oven, or stewed or boiled.

Organic Eggs – try to avoid regular eggs and switch to organic, they are healthier and will taste just as good, so it’s a win-win. Have them boiled, fried and even scrambled. If you’d like you could even go for the occasional omelette.

Specific Selection Of Vegetables – mushrooms, cucumber, avocado, spinach, zucchini and generally other plants that grow above the ground will be smart choices. And if you’re in the mood for potatoes you have have some from time to time if they’re boiled or baked in the oven, see, you don’t have to give up everything you like with this diet!

Yogurt – not any yogurt works, avoid the regular ones and instead aim for greek yogurt, sour cheese or cream cheese.

Wide Selection of Nuts – if you love walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds etc then this should be great news for you, as all of these are not only allowed, but recommended. You can even go for some cashew nuts from time to time but don’t overdo it.

Drinks – stick to water and avoid anything sugary. Coffee is also allowed as well as natural tea that doesn’t include artificial sweeteners.

As a last piece of advice, try to cook only using olive oil instead of regular sunflower.

Short cheat sheet:

Here are some things you can cheat with and not do any serious damage to your diet: 70% dark chocolate, a glass of wine per day(red or white), carrots, one fruit per day(apples, oranges, berries).

There you have it, a proven secret formula to help you eat better and start losing weight!

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