Shocking Truth About Losing Weight When 50 Or Older

There are many reasons and factors we see and hear over and over again as to why middle aged people have a harder time losing weight than in their youth. And while there is definitely some truth in that, it doesn’t mean one can’t still get the body they desire if they’re over 50 years old. In reality, by following several simple proven steps you too will be able to lose the extra fat and get that nicely shaped body you had 20 or 30 years ago.

Have you tried eating only healthy foods, or even smaller meals, only to see yourself keep gaining weight? Have you also started exercising without getting any visible results, and get frustrated in the process? This article is for you!

Here is a professional plan devised for middle aged people who want to lose the extra weight:

What To Eat

For Breakfast: low calorie healthy smoothies work best here, and vegetables. If you don’t have time to prepare them every morning, make a whole batch during the weekends that will last you an entire week. You can make more than one type of smoothie to randomize them and not have the exact same one each morning.

For Lunch: Salads, brown rice, grated vegetables, white meat, cottage cheese, low fat yogurt are just several of the choices you have available to you. The key here is to eat low calorie high protein foods.

For Dinner: A good idea would be to go with raw food here. Some examples would be stuffings, sesame seeds, nuts, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet potato etc. You can randomize here with various chutneys, and of course with some cooked recipes as well like broccoli soup, baked chicken with mushrooms, pork with asparagus, beef and veggie salads and more. The idea isn’t to go hungry; it’s to eat right on a regular basis.


So as to not get overly tired and bored with your exercise, you needn’t do too much all at once. It’s important to start slow and go from there. Exercise could be 1 hour of yoga every few days. Or a 15 minute brisk walk. Or go for a swim once or twice per week. Or do a 10 minute cardio session.

The idea is to start exercising without getting exhausted, and keep doing it until you see results. If you don’t get exhausted on a daily basis, you won’t feel the need to stop and you’ll start seeing results.


Sometimes, motivation is more important than what diet to take or what exercises to perform. Once you start seeing results (and they will come if you follow this plan) motivation comes naturally, because you’ll want to keep seeing better and better results.

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