5 Cool And Simple Chair Workouts To Lose Belly Fat

We live in a world where most jobs require us to sit at our desks all day to perform our tasks. This usually leads to less exercise and a less healthy body in general, so that’s why today we’ll take a look at 5 cool workouts you can perform on your desk chair to help lose that unattractive belly fat that keeps bothering you.

If we look at some statistics, the average woman currently benefits from only 3 and a half to 4 hours of free time out of the 24, so our time is limited, and if we want to spend some time with our family, watch some tv, go out with friends etc, when do we have time to work out? To counter this problem, let’s look at these 5 amazing workouts you can do on your desk chair and get healthier while sitting down. You should do all of them each day as they only take a few minutes. As a recommendation, do the described activity 10 times for each workout.

Workout 1: Pulling Your Knees In and Down

This is as simple as it sounds. While sitting down, take turns in pulling each knee with both hands in towards your stomach, and then bringing it back down. You might not realize it, but this will actually work your abdominal muscles and enable you to start burning that belly fat right off. You’ll feel your tummy contracting and this is great. 10 times with each leg will be enough.

Workout 2: Both Knees At The Same Time

Just like the first one, here you’ll bring in both knees at the same time without pulling them with your hands though. Put your hands on the sides of the chair and pull your knees towards your body, up and then back down. You’ll notice this is a bit more difficult, but also more effective.

Workout 3: Work The Sides

Now lean a bit to the left and do another 10 just like in workout 2. It’s the same movement, with both knees coming in and out, but this time around you’re working the sides of the abdominal muscles. 10 times while leaning to the left, and another 10 leaning to the right to work out everything evenly.

Workout 4: Rotate Your Waistline

Now let’s move to something a bit more relaxing. Our abs should feel a bit hot by this point, so for the 4th workout, simply rotate your waistline 10 times. A full rotation is going from a normal standing position to the left, to the right and back to the initial position. You are simply stretching out your waist so this workout should feel quite relaxing, helping with circulation through your spine.

Workout 5: Reach To The Floor

With your right hand, reach to the floor towards your left leg, come back up and with your left hand reach towards your right leg. Repeat 10 times. This is a perfect workout to help getting rid of love handles, but make sure you’re not on a chair with wheels for this one as it may be harder to perform properly.

There you have it, 5 simple workouts that will take you 2 minutes each day, but will give you enough exercise to start burning some of that belly fat, without even getting up from your chair. Now that’s what we call efficiency!

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