4 Weird Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

4 Weird Weight Loss Tips

With so much information being thrown at us on a daily basis on the topic of weight loss, it’s easy to get confused and maybe even reluctant to actually begin the process.

What should I eat? How much should I exercise? How do I know which information to follow and which to ignore? Let’s actually look at weight loss advice that has been proven to work time and time again, but pay attention, as some of these tips might actually surprise you!

  1. You Should Never Starve Yourself

There is a huge misconception when trying to lose weight, because a lot of people believe they have to actually starve themselves to do it. In reality, you need a combination of simple daily workouts and shorter meals spread out during the day.

Instead of going for the classic 3 consistent meal plan, try going for 6 smaller ones. It helps the body burn calories much faster and the great thing is, you’ll never starve!

  1. You Don’t Need Detox

A healthy liver is all the detox you’ll ever need. Companies have created detox products to grab money out of your wallet when in reality, all you need is a healthy balanced diet and a healthy liver will automatically take care of the detox.

Stay away from detox and colon cleanse products promising an increase in weight loss after their use. Professional nutritionists and weight loss experts are against them, and for a good reason – you don’t need them, and sometimes they can actually be dangerous to your health.

  1. Start With Small Diet Changes

In the desire of losing weight fast, people usually change their entire diet off the bat and then after even a few days can become exhausted. It’s unnatural to make such a drastic change from the get go, so in turn, let’s start small and alter one meal. Make an effort and drastically change one of your meals.

Don’t eat anything that is convenient, avoid fast food and make sure you include protein, carbs and fruit. An easy change would be to change breakfast as it is the first meal of the day. Once you are eating your new breakfast regularly, you can go and change another meal as well, and so on.

  1. Exercise Less

You read that correctly, and if you’ve gotten to this point in this article, you can already predict why. Less is more and it also applies to exercising. If you start off directly with complicated and exhausting workouts, you’ll burn out pretty quickly.

You’ll likely be unable to move, drained of all your energy and on top of that, craving for an extra-large meal. Alternatively, you can start off with small cardio exercises each day.

Going out for a 15 minute jogging session should be enough for your first week, after which you can ease into longer sessions, while also adding extra workouts to your plan. The key here is to do it gradually rather than all at once.

You see? Losing weight doesn’t have to be tedious! Don’t try too much at once and you’ll be happier and healthier in no time!

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